Oh So Basic

You know those lazy days when you just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt? Yeah me too, we all have them. So, I styled the “White t-shirt and Jeans” look in a more fashionable way. Here i’m wearing this adorable white choker shirt from American Apparel. I’m completely head over heels for chokers right now, so once I saw this shirt I knew I had to add it to the look. It’s simple, cute and goes with almost anything because its neutral color. The fabulous pins on my American Apparel jeans are from “Punky Pins” and “Heather Buchanan”. I never thought that wearing pins was a thing or even that pins cute enough to put on clothes existed, but after buying these, I can’t get enough of them! And lastly, my lavender shoes are by Urban Outfitters. Follow me on Instagram @thathopechic for notifications of my blog posts!




HopeIMG_5734.jpgIMG_5749IMG_5743IMG_5745(my apologies about the gross dirt in the backround, i didnt know it was there!)IMG_5733.jpg

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