Fun with Florals

Enough of this weather controlling what I wear… This week I embraced my inner Mulan and set off to create an outfit that is not only eye-catching but also suitable for most seasons! I went to the closet and turned to my trusty cropped black turtleneck.  I got this particular piece from Forever 21, but you can find one at most department stores. To add some “pop” I grabbed my mustard yellow romper from Topshop. Yes, I admit it, I was wearing a romper. All I had to do was tuck the top part in and ta da… they’re pants! This romper is just bright enough to light up the city without making me feel like a walking highlighter. And lastly, the beautiful kimono (which I had way too much fun taking pictures in) I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters. I’ll be on spring break in warm weather the next few days so stay in tune for upcoming blog posts under the sun!





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